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liste des K7

Message par Brice666 le Mar 16 Sep - 15:10


ABJECT 666: reign of agony TAPE (neuve)  numerotee a la main  
ANGOISSE VICE &RALE: the reign of perversion TAPE (neuve)  numerotee a la main  
ARS DIAVOLI : the absence of lighth
CHAOTIC SYMMETRY: apo thn abysso ths mavrhs mou psyxhs???
DEARLY BEHEADED/ temptation TAPE (neuve)   sous blister  
DEVASTATION INSID simply nothing TAPE (neuve)  
DIKTAT : demo TAPE (neuve)  de 2000    
DURGE: s sweet dead zone TAPE (neuve)   sous blister  
ETERNAL REST: DEMO TAPE (neuve)  de 1989 neuve  
FROST: neant TAPE (neuve)  
HELL IN MYSELF: lost in the TAPE (neuve)  
HSSH: demo TAPE (neuve)  numerote a la main “same”  
HUTT: sessao descarrego TAPE (neuve)  numerate a la main  
LUPUS IN FABULA:  Wvnjo & Varg Oreder split Italic Hellenic alliance TAPE (neuve)  
MARQUIS DE SADE : rue de siam
MUTIILATION: satansit styrken
NAZI ZOMBIES INVASION : resurrection 1 & 2 TAPE (neuve)  numerotee a la main  
ORBIS TERRARUMREQUIEM:  ? ??? : arghata tapes, produced in tithuania 2009 TAPE (neuve)  
RAMMER: incinerator demo TAPE (neuve)  numerate a la main
SEARING SKULL: pagan realms
SVYATOGOR: TAPE (neuve)  numerotee a la main  
TANK GENOCIDE / LANDSKNECHT: immortal tape numerotee a la main  
TANK GENOCIDE & OCCULT VOMIT & ABJECT 666: split tape numerotee a la main  
TANK GENOCIDE: antichrist supremacy tape numerotee a la main  
TANK GENOCIDE: dunklen straSSen tape numerotee a la main  
TANK GENOCIDE: grave insanity tape numerotee a la main  
TANK GENOCIDE: l’incarnation du mal tape numerotee a la main  
TANK GENOCIDE: the voice of revolt tape numerotee a la main  
TANK GENOCIDE: war metal satan tape numerotee a la main  
TANK GENOCIDE:an area of desolation tape numerotee a la main  
THANATOMANIA : mykonismus TAPE (neuve)  numerotee a la main  
THRIL: okgha
TOOZ AGAIN : demo tape de 1996 neuve  
WHITE BASTARD: infidels TAPE (neuve)  numerotee a la main  
WHITE BASTARD: l’au dela TAPE (neuve)   numerotee a la main  
WHITE BASTARD: oeil pour oeil   TAPE (neuve)  numerotee a la main

reactor: 91-92 (killed and cremated & hellish power)
reactor: 89 - 93 (midnight & liers religion)

noah’s flood : at the pilliars of melcart
hydrargyrum : final method of solution
forgotten spirit : the masters of slavonic forests
blood spiting : the dirty melodies
I’mmortal : « ...a devouring rose »
paracels : encyclopedia of metal
tears of beggar : my dreams
metal scrap compilation #5 partII : G.O.M.O.R.R.A

noxen monoton
puritas virginum: black art
asyndess: illumination
katharsis: rehearsal'95
filthy charity: disgrace of the earth


animus herilis: demain sera le chaos

reactor: 91-92 (killed and cremated & hellish power)
reactor: 89 - 93 (midnight & liers religion)
noah’s flood : at the pilliars of melcart
hydrargyrum : final method of solution
forgotten spirit : the masters of slavonic forests
blood spiting : the dirty melodies
I’mmortal : « ...a devouring rose »
paracels : encyclopedia of metal
tears of beggar : my dreams
metal scrap compilation #5 partII : G.O.M.O.R.R.A

noxen : monoton
puritas virginum: black art
asyndess: illumination
katharsis: rehearsal'95
filthy charity: disgrace of the earth

animus herilis : demain sera le chaos
eisigwald : the mystery of…
front beast : victims of death
saatkrahe : on the forgotten paths of the ravenlands
BBBlood : molecular beam epitaxy
animus herilis : demain sera le chaso
drakonhail : vieille foret
na rasputie : upon the abyss
les chants de nihil : les six lecons
storming hate « demo 1 » (vente interdite sur discogs…. )
noxen : le linceul de la noyee
empty : eternal cycle of decay
bagatur : skazanie za drevnobulgarskoto velichie
forgot : sir gureat gux
animus herilis : mater tenebrarium
noxen : monoton
pigface : spoon breakfasr
pigface :  washingmachine mouth
figface : feels like heavens
pigface : fook
pigface : notes from thee underground

zazie : la zizanie
bbblood : molecular beam epitaxy
noxen : monoton
ilsakoch. Be sure to gut the jester on his pulpit atherwise someone might take him serioulsy
fuck, the retardated girl F.M.G
split evil tape : infernüs/colblooded
ave maria : les plus beau et chants sacres
storming hate : demo1
I died : phage tapes
sphincter fermentation : deep grunt throat
mutant sex quartet : chapter eight
fuck, the retardated girl : meat puppet
vomir/mixturizer : split
vanessa van basten nicker hill orchestra

K7 :

eole noir2008,2009
exekrator : ordo betiae
RIPPER : fatal memories
asthenie : de la piere au charnier…

absentialunae : marching upon forgotten ashes
elisabetha : sterbegesange
elisabetha : uber das wimp or undall (?)
aryan assault/1389 : the rise of aryan defiance
havok legion : 2012
amazarar : saeva omina
dunkelheit : frozen in eternity
malignant tumour/pulmonary fibrosis
panzerjager : wp252
jailbird : konzept
funny crime : after 8 pm wise mutha’ll shout
shield : 95shd002
tommyknockers : from zero…
to die : jiwa jiwa yang terkumpul

ripper : fatal memories
krowos/malepeste : mlysterium conjunctionis
eole noir : eole noir
exekrator : ordo bestiae
thanotomania : mykonismus
hutt : sessao descarrego
cheyenne shaker : eponym
bulgaryan : southern radikal war propaganda
devastation inside : simply nothing
rammer : incinerator
weeping minds of silence
marginal : (?) eremites : na terra do silencio…
les negresses vertes : milah
mind revolt : addicted to affliction
wide open cage : outbreak
zebarge/white bastard : split
imperial : noir
blood spitting : the dirty melodies


bemdesar : en el nombre de satanas !!!
nihilistiK Kaos / nordum
kolp : the outside
ominous crucifix : decadent religious archetype
tank genocide : grave insanity
tank genocide : morbid sensuality
vrag/orbis : the true anthems of nature
thra’el : the banful spirit
heritiers de la haine : sur le pied de guerre

guilty connector : sabbath connector sabbath
tennis bastard/ les maitres du malevolenceTxQxB/ exacerbacion
the truth about adipocere
palttonband6 : gehirn implosion tinemo abbora
fecalove : n.d.e.k
Krankheit Der Jugend - Proklamationen Einer Sterbenden Gesellschaft Fecalove / N.D.E.K / Pig Molester / Ecoute La Merde - Sounds Of Mass-Murder
bigcittyorkestra* - Ymiz
Metallica - Master Of Puppets
Metallica - Metallica (black album version non officielle!!!!)
Metallica - Ride The Lightning

penis enlargement / 50 ways to kill me
demons of creation : delicate death’s steps
norrowmind/ sudanstrain : split tape
transmisia dumbshow
nocturne : luna
strike force 28/ cosmic weapon of thule/ elite techno propaganda
stigma diabolicum/ aymrev erkroz preve
slowly decaying : or iutter widening of scraps
harsh suplement//to die
red needle sea : phage tapes

Seax - High On Metal
Christicide - Apex Of Negativity

Afflictis Lentae - Saint Office


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Re: liste des K7

Message par Brice666 le Ven 14 Oct - 13:34

POCHETTES K7 ( numérotées ou raretées d’origine !)
livrees sur K7 ou CDR au choix!

1389: 1389
Adoria: demo: fur was wir Stephen
Adoria: herbsthymnen
aesir : final holocaust X3
aesir : herencia blanca X3
aesir/sigfodur: visions de Victoria MC X3
Afflictis lentae: no escape from the jaws of hell X3
Age of agony : years of war and hate
Anti life: anti vida
Astaium: invasion to forbidden X3
autarcie: sida
Avanti!: demo 1 (5/88)
aversio humanitatis: abondomment ritual (21/250)
Axis of evil: berg-maidenschaft:Avanti!:reek of the unsen gaz fumes
Banderia de combate: French edition tape 2010 X2
barad dür – dunkelheit
black altar: death fanaticism X2
Black bleeding: the awakening  X4
Blackmass: hell war X2
Blasphemator demo1 (112/333)
Blodsband : suunna tider sägner (95/300)
Bound for glory: warriors…. X3
Branikald: blikk av kald
Brilliant coldness: beyond eternity X2
Bruma obscura/heresia: em honra de uma passado…pela destruicao de um futuro
Boreal wind : ultima thule
Bleeding feast : devil’s ferox… over the death ! X3
Caed dhv: tedd deireadh(237/333)
caligula: ritual de lujuria diabolica
chur: lykho (420/500)
Concubia nocte: serenou peruna bladivom thora X2
Cosmic weapon of thule: kugelblitz  (48/48)
crownthorn: cold like ice X2
Cryfemal: malicioso sonido putrefactoX2
Curse from the past: compil skullface, hatred, execution, revenge, rezet,witchaven...X5
Dark paranoia: emptied by necessary apathyX2
dark tower: beneath the flame of asmodeusX2
dark tower: blood eagle ritual
Daughters of Sophia: (1.0)
Deadthorn: daleko od boga
Deaths head: feast of the jackals
Deep vein/ bloody sign/ oppression: split X7
Defeat: from far away X2
Defeat: pride valor hatred X2
Defeat: the winds have changed (049/500)
Demoniac: judgement of death 2012
Demonic war: die in the pentagram
desolator: the bells ninth chime
die and become!
Dominus ira: ferocia animi X5
Dunkelwhite: rehearsal 2009 X2
Dying in the woods: kompabkrited o up pebyna X2
einsatz kommando : the forest callX4
Elderblood: son of the morning
endless battle: from the thicket of times…(197/250)
Evil/moloch: split
Flame of war: transcendence (321/500)
forhatt: krig og kamp (251/300)
Front beast: wicked wings of wartjalka
Frosset skog: 6 mechax …. X5
frost: brule mon criss!
Gates of holocaust & lord tenebrion: antichrist declaration X2
Goat perersör: first sacrifice X2
Goat thron/sealed in blood: nekrotycony ritual
Grosteque master/ bloody cyrograph: morbid tunes X2
hammervolk: of profound ancestral wisdom…. X3
harag: ever almok utjain
harag: vrag: split
Hate hordes : a.a.g.a.d.u 777, antiposmos assault 666 X2
Hatehordes & plaggha: fields of desolate souls
Heil poemer/eternal darkness: ….crossing the ancient path of molossian tribes (201/320)
hellhaunt: sea of nausea
Hitlerismo esosterico: quien llama en los hielos
Il sa Koch: nazi ss sex noise
Ilsa kock/doodshoofd: split white birdman!/massagraf X2
Imperial darkness: nekysia and perversion
In cold wind: dead carth X2
in thy flesh: derelict austery
incorporea: tongue of the moribund X3
insidious torture: lust and decay
Jackdevil: fater than evil (23/100)
Jassa: dark years of dearth
kagan(karah): demo cnobehcko bojhwte
Kaiserwald slut : his merci was just as dreadfull
Kamaedzitca: dzeci lesu (148/300)
Karbonized traitor: hell fire sex
Kaziklu bey: contos da empalacao
Khors: cold ways X3
Khors: winter stronghold X3
Khors: return to abandoned X2
Klontaveum/ protocols: split glory & hope/fa X3
Korium: the pendulum of  sorrow X2
Krashing: putrid 15 (disinterment) X6
Kruk: endkampf X4
labatut: queen….obal  (79/100)
labatut: yeomanly (43/100)
Lascowiec: isolation (093/500)
Lascowiec: survival (094/500)
Lechia: akt wolihatesworn: woodspirit (260/320)
likvann: her jeg blir til jeg dor
Likvann: vredeskrik
Lord wind: ales stenar
los caminos de la misanthropia:   X2
Lustration/ wilifier: split
Lycanthropy: the right land of darkness
madrigal - the return of the black wolf  X3
Massenhinrichtung/ raven throne: split  X2
maze of torment/trepanacion – split
Minenwrefer: der rote kampfflieger X2
Misty forest & brajiny hmly: red padnu hmly
Moloch: yephee yem mbma
Moloth: scent of blood/ rehearsal 2003 ab  
Moloth: sturm
Moloth: eihwaz
Mond: demo
moshingun - mighty thrashing metal
Navi echo: crushing the lack of will (ep 2011)  X2
Navjarmanaahr: the fangs of the shining night X2
Navrog: pogled
necroptic: meticulous pathology
Neotruth: 32’42 short infinity
nihil domination - unholy blasphemic terrorist
Nitberg: hammer härte
nitberg: donner wetter donner wyrd
nu si alles anders: het eeuwige leven X5
Nyarlathotep: nigturah et shyutem
obscura monotonia animpae: in solitudinem me recipio
occulus: (solace117)
Odal: ….. wilde kraft
Odal: einst verehrt von allen/ … und auf erden tovt die schlacht…
old pagan: battlecruiser old pagan
Old throne: en me arrasto para o men proprio abismo
Omasum : clain the evil for eternity
oprich: cerep boabhbih
P.H.T.O: affliction
Petrichorus/eldenhor/pagan hammer: split
Plague angel: stagnation of Christ
Primal darkness: demo 2013 X2
Pyre: ravenous decease X2
RaVnkald: solsnudag X2
Raven dark: autumn roar
Retra: retra
ripper: fatal memories
Santagar: river without shores X2
sartegos: as fontes do negrume X2
Seax: high on metal tape 2013
sekhmet - words of the master (proverbs of hell) X2
Sirin: moja oteina/ my fatherland
Sola svartnar: conquete X2
Sonnenrad : totalit aryan intolerance X2
Soulless: summoning heresy
splitted insanity: nekrosadistik / fuck your life
Stworz/ fall: split snij ziemio moja….
Stworz: synowie stonea X4
Siuyi yar: the night
siuyi yar: winterdarknesswithout times
siuyi yar: the dawns were drifting as before
siuyi yar: lands of fearless birds
Svarthat: helheimsk dager
Swiatogor/ wojnar: tym, co 3 3iemi lechna X2
Temnich: evil/live at extreme Lugansk fest 2
Temnich: philosophy of death
Temnich: pits of the empty graves
Temple of void : demo 2013
The bandjo: solo para skinheads French edition tape 2011
The misanthropic trinity: split omen/awicha/blackspell
The true endless: in the swamp of camoderiaboreal wind: ultima thule
thors hammer: the fate worse than death
Throne: into the grimness X2
Thunderkraft: totentanz
Tormento bestial: holocaust do bade negro
ul mik longobardeath: bonarda bastarda
ulvegr: where the icecold blood storms X3
United in blood, gathered in iron: compilstormcommand, uriburu, tyr, via dolorosa...X2
Vanaheimr: one great day X2
Veldraveth: for the glory of satan X2
Veldraveth: temples of the black flame X2
venus torment: espiral infinito
Verwustung: contra humanum X2
Vigilance: steeds of time X3
vinterriket/ orodruin: split
Vinterriket/ northaunt
Voices of eternal morbidity vol 01 X2
Volchiy krest: live  X2
Vorwärts marschriet, im nebel (compilaufshwung/bunkerfall/einhar/…….) X2
Weishaupt: ntbtru 2010
werewolf front : wolves of the white north
west wall: conquest or death X4
wings of war : prepare for war
Wings of war: battle hymn
Winter eternal: winter eternal X3
Wintercold: last wolf X3
Winterfront: thrones of eternal winter
Winterkriege: blut und ehre X2
witcher - nema gyasz
Wolf: end of divinity
Yamatu: shurpu asaru
Zavotage: frenesi de agresividad 2013

tyrant blood: crushing onward into oblivion
karpathia / urhemat / volanie havranov: split
archain: constructive violence X2
wisky 1 pain: rock and roll dynamite
slavecrushing tyrant: ?
Skoll: grisera X2
torsgard: 1996-2010 X2
zerivana: velesvarum X3
wenom puh: bekobar 3uma X2
temhozoph: cymepkh ha hoxopomax 3hmbi X2
wenom puh: ? (winter solace142) X2
now: nowia
kaziklu bey: black war metal
galdur: born by star and moon X3
ceges findere: death to peace is our gospel
dark paranoia/ obscura monotonia animae X3
dark fury/evil/pagan hellfire X3
celephais: nest of all plagues
blood spitting: the dirty melodis X2
abusiveness/ saltus: nowa era X2
VVI batallion de la muerte: pereat mundus
obsecration: into the bloodemonium X2


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