dernieres news!!! (cd, dvd, tapes, .....) MAJ journaliere!!! FOR SALE!

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dernieres news!!! (cd, dvd, tapes, .....) MAJ journaliere!!! FOR SALE!

Message par Brice666 le Sam 20 Sep - 8:02

for contact me:

make offer or ask for price! trade are welcomes!!!!

voir rubrique CD suite Mise a jour de la liste!!!

RESERVATIONS : 15 jours maxi sauf cas exeptionnel !!!!

Following a current update , see section "CD"

CD :

(P.U.T) : pogo 027 limited edition series 01
31Knots : talk like blood
a minority of one : bathe in fiery answer
a static lullaby : ...and don’t forget to breathe
absurd: facta loquuntur
acdc: rock or bust
aere aeternus : humanity needs no funeral
aiden : nightmare anatomy (cut off)
alice in chain : unplugged
altars of mad death : vol 1 (kronos, carnal lust, bloody sign….)
amoeba : watchful
amon amarth : versus the world
amorphis : am universum (promo)
andre matos: mentalize
andrew W.K : I get wet
annihilator: alice in hell / never, neverland
annihilator: carnival diablos
annihilator: suicide society
ansur : warring factions
Apkyna : non norpobom dekob
apocalyptica : 7 th symphony (clef usb violon dans coffret!!!)
apocalyptica: apocalyptica
apocalyptica: inquisition symphony
apocalyptica: plays metallica by four cellos
apocalyptica: worlds collide double digiDVD
arckanum : kampen digi neuf
arkona : vo slavu velikim (promo)
arktau eos : scorpion milk
armored saint : 1983-2000 armored & dangerous (cartoned)
ashes to fire : still waters (cd neuf !)
assent : we are the new black (cd neuf !)
atrocity: atlantis
atrocity: gemini
attack vertical : this glorious world
australian death machine : double brutal (double cd digi)
avantasia: the metal opera1&2 (gold edition!!!)
avantasia: the mystery of time ( a rock epic)
avantasia: the scarecrown deluxe digi CD + DVD
avantasia: the wicked symphony & angel of babylon: double cd BOX + livre
awake : blind
azazel / goatmoon: split
backstak : el tiempo (cartoned)
backstroke : crossing the roudaries
balance of power: heathen machine
bbyb : debbybut
beeblo : pirate vs. Ninja (omega point records)
black orchid : boze blues. Drunk punk. rock’n’roll alcohol (cd neuf !)
black sabbath : dehumanizer
black sabbath : headless cross
blackwind: demain, l’apocalypse
bleiburg: indivisibiliter ac inseparabiliter
blind guardian : a night in the opera french version (moisson de peine) (cartoned)
bolverkstorm: 9 step to death
bonehouse : symmetry of decadence
bottom : you’rnext (cut off)
bury your dead : cover your tracks (cut off)
cannibal corpse : torture (sans livret!!!)
carbon : the fale of humanity (cd neuf!)

celestia : dead insekta sequestration
chadenn: pour redevenir poussiere
chant:cynthia’a fire
chryseis : presenc of the past (cut off)
civet : hell hath no fury
codex aliementarius : the infinite growth paradigm verses….
coldstare : talk is cheap (cd neuf !)
Colico : split audicion irritable
collapse 7 : doomsday odyssey (cut off)
combat : bonemachine
compendium 1 : music records MR1
cortege funebre/ into dagorlad : split
Corvus Corax - Cantus Buranus Ⅱ
costa’s cake house : krawallmaschine (autoprod?promo?)
cristalis : sureminence
cristalys : in hoc signo vinces
cryptic forest : ystyr (cd neuf !)
csmd : vs the world (second edition)
ctacik : ego-generocity
cyber city oedo 808 : the original soundtrack
Dânnâgôischd - Emm Dichdâ Ondrholz
dark fury : semper fidelis
dark tranquility: fiction (expended edition + bonus titres + dvd+box)
darvulia : l’alliance des venins
dead mountain mouth : phtos (cd neuf !)
deathchan : cult of death(promo)
decayed remains : one man’s fate
deeds of flesh : path of the weakening (promo)
deftones : white pony
deicide : scars of the crucifix
delphic : acolyte
detonation : emission phase (promo)
dialectic soul : dialectic soul
dimitris pantazis : wayfarer cygnus X-1
Dirge - Hyperion
dirk diggler : dirk diggler
disciplina urbana : non dvcor dvco
dot legacy : to the others (cd neuf !)
e.invoked : unconscious hell
electic taurus : veneralia (just front cover!)
electro quaterstaff : aykroyd
electronically lost : lonely diseppearing
eluveitie: slania (cd + dvd)
emmos : guided by the devil
empty colors : halls of spiritual torture
enoid : suicide genocide
Entwine : fatal design
evergrey: recreation day digi deluxe limited
evil omen: wild beast
excarnation : excarnation
excruciate666 : riding fires of hate
extravasion : origins of magma (cd neuf !)
faith no more : angel dust
falkenbach : tiurida
fantonia II: dög / drünken bastards/ funebre/ ravendark monarchal canticles/sarcificial dagger
faol’s paradise : monopoly society (cd neuf !)
fear factory: remanufacture
fir bolg : paganism (neuf!)
firewind: days of defiance digi deluxe
flutwacht: secondface
foo fighters: the colour and the shape
fourth circle : elements (cd neuf !)
furia : le jardin d’eden (cdr demo?) X2
garbage: vol2.0
gardenian : soulburner (cut off!)
GKS : obsessism-XXIII
gloomy grim : blood, monster, darkness (promo)
gloomy grim : gloomy grim (promo)
goatlord: keep on the fuckin’hell
goatpenis : in alliance for war (cd + dvd)
godflesh : tribute (double cdr France)
godsend : a wayfarers’ tears
golden shower : TO-BO / tina torture
groinchurn : fink (promo)
Häive - Mieli Maassa
hanternoz : linceuls d’ecume
hardingrock grimen : starofash ihsahn og knut buen
hatesphere : serpent smiles and killer eyes (promo)
havohej : unholy darkness and dethroned
hectic patterns : random (promo)
heiden ära : lopun ajan juhla
helmut schafer : spinning mind
hiv : we are all haunted house
I still believe : guns, bitches & drugs
iggy pop: beat em up
imperia : the ancient dance of qetesh
in mortis veritas : a l’ombre des sepulcres
inner shrine : nocturnal rhyines entangled in silence
into a black circle : vol1
iron youth : respect/defend/create
jesus of nazareth kusari gama kill : vain
job for a cowboy : doomsday
judas priest : defenders of the faith
jumbo’s killcrane ; the slow decay
kaldt helvete: call from the forest
Kamelot - Epica
Kamelot - One Cold Winter's Night
Kamelot - Poetry For The Poisoned
Kamelot - The Black Halo
katra: out of the ashes
krabathor : orthodox (promo)
kreator : phanton antichrist
legion of the damned : cult of the dead
lethaeos : pillar of hope (cd neuf !)
Lokurah - When The End Comes
lord wind: heralds of fight
lost society : braindead
lowemotor corporation : saturnalia (promo)
luca turilli: prophet of the last eclispe (russe version digi interdite a la vente sur discog!)
malefactor: death falls silent
MaYaN - Quarterpast
Meat Loaf - I'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth)
Megadeth - Cryptic Writings
Megadeth - Rust In Peace
Megadeth: killing is my...
megadeth: peace sells….
megadeth: the world need a hero
melancholics : a single act of carelessness
metal mesh : demo MMXIV
miserist : miserist
Mitochondrion - Antinumerology
Moi dix Mois - Nocturnal Opera
moloch : abstrakter Wal
moloch : isolation der essenz
mortician : domain of death
must missa : the target of hate (promo)
mystic circle : the bloody path of god
N.K.V.D. - Totalitarian Industrial Oppression
neverlight horizon : dead god effigies (digi cut off/promo!)
new risen throne/ cruel harvest: shadows over humanity
nid : galactic nebulae
nid : solar flare
odroerir : götterlieder
onomatopeia : a marble holder from andover
orphaned land: the never ending way of …..
paramnesia : illumination
path of desolation : soaked jester (cd neuf !)
penumbra over beauty: cp001
Persefone - Truth Inside The Shades
phura : trowo phurnag ceremony
piarevaracien : if no sun
Plattenbosse Aus Der Gosse : various
pombagira : the crooked path (black doom)
posh boy : the willowz! (CD promo ou autoprod rouge 2003)
power of expression: x-territorial
prince ringard : liberte egalite mon cul
prince ringard : punk a chat
prince ringard : soixante dix
prognathe : we’re sane (double digi) (death)
Re-DrUm - [Untitled]
rock hard licence to thrill : msg, rockhead, nuclear assault….
Rorcal - Myrra, Mordvynn, Marayaa
rubbish mob : up in the block hole
ruins : Spun Forth As Dark Nets  (neuf!)
sale freux : l’exil
sanata artica: stone grow her name: digi deluxe
scorpions: crazy world
scream maker : we are not the same
season of tears : homines novi (cd neuf !)
sepultura : against
sepultura : nation
seven minutes of nausea : old noises of the roses
severoth : winterfall
shades of yggdrasil: freya aswynn
shadows fall seeking the way
silesian butchers compilation (vol2)
sir hedgehog : luna011cd
solarisis : holland is made of tofu (promo)
sombre foret : quintessence
sonata artica: the days of grays double digi deluxe
sonic obliteration : vol2
sons of otis : X

sorcier des glaces : ritual of the eend
stalaggh:  :project terrror a visualition (DVD!!!)
stator absentia : mercurian orgasms
stigma diabolicum : 11 the walking dead soundtrack
Submerge: album
suicidal anorexia : MHIIMB. MSBFAR
sultans : good year for trouble (punk)
swr : why so serious
Symbyose: on the wings of phoenix
symphony X: iconoclast special deluxe edition
Take my chances: down here with us
tarja : what lies beneath (double cd)
tarja : what lies beneath (simple cd)
tekken/corporal abuse: split
Templegate: innocence
thalos : event horizon (cd neuf !)
the A7 sesssion : one life all-in (cd neuf !)
The black maria: lead us to reason
The Bronx casket: mas 1999
the digitariat vs rough sex quartet (harsh music for hot nurses vol3)
the dillinger esc plan : option paralysis
The firstborn: from the past yet we come
The grim compilation
the hickey underground : naïve 2009
The kovenant: in times before the night
the last dance: once beautiful
the mass: city of dis
the mythologians : legendes d’iles de crete
the oath: 4 (promo)
the oath: the end of time (promo)
the quiescent: silent painted hate
the return of hyde: we stand against
the tossers: the valley of the shadow of death
the vulgar deli : indcd022
Theatre Of Tragedy - ['mju:zik]
Theatre Of Tragedy - Aégis
Theatre Of Tragedy - Storm
theme : valentine (lost) forever
therion : a arab zaraq lucid dreaming
therion : crowning of atlantis
therion : lemuria/sirius B
therion : live in midgard
therion : symphony masses : ho drakon ho megas
therion : theli
therion : vovin
therion :deggial (en velour)
therion :gothic kabbalah (double digi)
therion :secret of the runes
therion: lemuria/ sirux B (double digi)
thiefaine : supplements de mensonges
tiamat : judas christ (coffret)
tilbury on cloves : blindshow
tous maudits… : la compilation
trail of tears : a new dimension of might
trauma : daimonion (promo)
trauma : suffocated in slumber (promo)
tridus elasticus : advance cd 2004
triebtat/misanthrop : schneidetrieb
tripod : deviances
Tristania - Beyond The Veil
Tristania - World Of Glass
tristania: rubicon
trivium : the crusade
tropics : coffins and corpses 2005
tumulus : spedokresie
tyrant enthroned: born of hate
ugly mus-tard: concrete
umbra et imago : sex statt krieg
underthronable : decreation
unholy throne of the zombies : by jr mahhing & violence conjugale
unreal overflows : architecture of incomprehension (promo)
untergang: of pure blood & evil pride
vesano : desassossego
vhelvet : home is where the hate is
violent devoties : entwined by vengeance
violet stigmata : progenitures suite & fin (noise)
vlad tepes: march to the black holocaust
vomit cunt project : vaginal mucous but pleasant
vomit: still rotting
vrolok: soul amputation
waldteufel : sanguis
walküre: walküre
wolfkrieg: jedem das seine
wrathful plague : thee within the shadows
yngwie malmsteen: the millenium collection (the best of)
zerstorer : declaration of war
Zimmershole: legion of flames
Гул Таоса - Агония Солнца

livres :

numéro 1 a 4 (année 2000) + un numero 4 de 2002

numero 31.58.59

numero 4
numero 9

numero 503 juillet 2009 (sonic youth en cover)

numero  IV


K7 :

kratornas : ritual of chaos
demoniac :  judgement of death (tape 2012)
sadokist: horrors from hell
Yperite / Charogne - Seuls Les Morts Ont Vu La Fin De La Guerre / Purge
Bahrrecht - Lotharingen

LOT !:

Ingrimm: Tshirt + 4 cd neuf emballés en pack! (voir section Tshirt pour les photos) 50E

pochette tape:

blood of the moon : an ode
bound for glory : warriors glory
Infernus Serpest - The Tongue Of The Beast
Uruk-Hai - Tawantinsuyu
black bleeding: the awakening
HateHordes - A.A.G.A.D.U 777 / Antikosmos Assault 666
Ave Noturna - Caminho Metálico
Velimor - Наш Мир (Our World)


arkona: 2006
la maison des 1000 morts (film DVD de Rob Zombie)
stalaggh : project terrror a visualisation
lycantropen: film en anglais

cd: 11.10.2017
20SV: apocalyptic desert
epic pixel battle: 123 lunatic - shindehai
Sten Ove Toft / Utarm - Kreftskap (CDr, Mini, Ltd, Num)
tai reflexions: ?
antimother: project the tree
atrium carceri: ptahil
maledicta: eruption from insides
baise ma hache: ab origine fidelis (cdr ou tape! numbered 128/300)
belphegar: blood magick necromance
malveillance: insignifiance
Spectra*Paris - License To Kill (CD, Album + DVD-V)
Red Aim - Saartanic Cluttydogs
Everto Signum - Synergy
Neptrecus - L'Aube Du Déclin
Apolion - Death Grows Into Sperm
Ordo Templi Aeternae Lucis / Blessed In Sin - Tu Fui Ego Eris  digi
Brandkommando - Patria, Socialismo O Muerte!
Laibach - NATO
Kozeljnik - Null: The Acheron Of Multiform Negation
Yes - The Yes Album
Týr - Eric The Red
Heiden Ära - Lopun Ajan Juhla
F.A.M.A.S. - Est Imperare Orbi Universo
Death In Vegas - The Contino Sessions
Death In Vegas - Scorpio Rising
Kawir - Arai
Unfit - Ten Years Of Hate
Penetrator (3) - Back for More cartonné!
Midnight Oil - Earth And Sun And Moon Interview Disc Promo!

tapes! (K7):
Anti Life - Anti Vida
Bound For Glory - Warriors Glory (Cass, Album, RE)
Immemorial Celtic Wind - Arar
veldraveth - Temples of the Black Flame
Veldraveth - For The Glory Of Satan
Filthy Turd - Recycled
Saatkrähe - Les Corbeaux De Mes Funérailles
Saatkrähe - On The Forgotten Paths Of The Ravenlands
Seigneur Voland - Consumatum Est
Black Angel/ Eternal Sacrifice - Priests From Hell
Asthénie - Oraison Funèbre par le Sang et la Maladie
Darkwoods Legion - Là Où Les Âmes Pourrissent

tapes: suite! (17.10.17)

darkwood legion: la ou les ames pourrissent
friskele: triade nordique
faethon: summoning the spirtits of the pzst
demoniac: judgement of death
dark monarchy: poisoned thorns of human
chateau noir: the victorious flame
chaotic symmetry: opa thn abyssoths mavrhs mou  
frost: neant
frost: ame trouble
frost: berserk's hallucinations
frost: purifier par le feu
goat synagogue: law of the headless architect
satanhartalt: deapscufaergewinn
satanhartalt: feondscipe
satanhartalt: carcernckeostru
yperite/charogne: split
vorkuta/heldentod: monument
warfist: tunes of hell and alcohol
unkerd wood: demo I
impious havoc: maleficum
hellish/valpurgia: split
grotesque master/ bloody cyrograph: morbid tunes
night's blood/ bitwa/ /kraina wiecznego/ mrozu: slowianskie miecze gromu
nu is alles anders: het eeuwige leven
near: the dark art of death hidden in the castle
nacrog: polged
moloch: eihwaz
lupus in fabula: vargorder / wunio
lascowiec/marbleblog/verzivatar: deep horizons of eternity
in thy flesh: derellet ausertity
abyssus: death
anal vomit: gathering of the putrid demons
eagrus: years of hate é deseration
osirion: evil made history
orfus: I
old throne: en me arrasto para o men proprio abismo
kamaedizitca: dzeci lesu
kamaedizitca: pyarune
permixtio: in ietu occult/ finis gloriae mundi
animus herilis: mater tenebrarum
axnaar: anart
black angel vs eternal sacrifice: split
(priest from hell"
black autumn: end
black goat: death ritual
blasphemia prophetica: antichristian reconquest
blood of the moon: an ode


draugurinn: myrkraverk
imperial: thrasheurs 13
jacquy bitch: coram
paradise lost: faith divides us death unites us
imminent starvation: human dislocation
hilter: prepared
jawad: elements profanés
green army fraction: chlorophyll flood

amra negra: Mi Puta Atea, Cruel, Impía, Libertina, Sodomita, Lesbiana, Incestuosa, Vengativa,...
Amazarak - Saeva Omina
Tarnkappe - Tussen Hun En De Zonanal vomit: into the eternal agony (morbid attack prod)
anal vomit: sudamerica brutal: morbid attack prod)
grinding satanic putrefaction ( eternal transmigration records)
nekrofilia: orvenylo verzivatar / brunhodes
winterleyd: ? cold solitude pro
szeges findere: machine of jewicide
bellicus daemonicus: o grande anjo revelde


rusty knife: label promo sampler

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Re: dernieres news!!! (cd, dvd, tapes, .....) MAJ journaliere!!! FOR SALE!

Message par Brice666 le Dim 30 Juil - 13:15

Following a current update , see section "CD" or "promo and autoprod"

grosse mise a jour sur les rubriques suivante:

- CD

- Promo et autoprod

- news

la suite arrive....


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Re: dernieres news!!! (cd, dvd, tapes, .....) MAJ journaliere!!! FOR SALE!

Message par Brice666 le Ven 1 Sep - 20:32

news!!!! en haut!


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Re: dernieres news!!! (cd, dvd, tapes, .....) MAJ journaliere!!! FOR SALE!

Message par Contenu sponsorisé

Contenu sponsorisé

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